sigh, what's actually death..
we will never know someone we closed to is going to leave us anytime.
received a call from a close friend, his beloved dad passed away in the morning, where people around the world celebrating Father's day.
i am sad to hear about the bad news, many things came to my mind,understand that we shall not take life for granted, appreciate life as it is, treasure the people around us,
stop complaining about how bad your life is,while someone at another part of the world is struggling from life and death.

sigh, Ed. Stay strong k, i know it's hard for you. i hope everything is going well with you.May God bless you.


oh yeah, it's you, Mindset..
Can we alter you that was set long time ago?
can we?
as the saying goes, there is a will, there is way.

This issue has finally ended,after 2.5 months.
things that we never wished to happen had happened.Though there is no rewind,but i believe there is always forgive and forget if one able to do so. As i am able,can you?

i believe everyone plays a role. Some play their role behind the scene,some be the representatives,as middle persons, i believe it's hard too, i'm sorry for all the troubles.

I really wanna Thank a person,if it's not you, things might not get better. thanks so much, LJKin. thanks for the change,thanks for the sacrifice. We appreciate it. I hope you are Happy.

And for you R, honestly, you made me realised of something. You are a good friend indeed, sacrifice yourself for somebody, which i really admired about it. i believe that night everyone was just too emotional, talked things without passing the yeah,nothing serious about it, just wanna say, you are still my friend. :)

The middle persons, zh, zh n twt, thanks for the warm n touching messages. i am touched.

for the person that i din't mix so well before, i hope in future we will know each other better,if there is an opportunity... :) S, i have always liked you too.

and lastly, this issue has come to an end. my only wish, : everyone is Happy, are you? hmm, i really hope so.

tomorrow is your final, GOOD LUCK to my dentistry friends, Caryn, Hsu Wern, Mandy, Nicole, Zi Hui, Serrene and Robson. ALL THE BEST. :)


10 more days for me to prepare for my final...
oh goodness, i need more time!!!
6 theory papers plus a practical exam that will be lasting for almost 4 weeks..
do u think is easy? oh no...... it's really hard core..... i am grasping for more air...
i need more time!!
anyone willing to give me extra hours if you are wasting your time?
oh... what am i crapping?
i just need more time...

gambatte to my friends who are fighting for their finals too...
praying hard ...

A Report...

sometimes, things changed for better.
sometimes, we don't understand people around us.
sometimes, we are just to stupid to live in the unrealistic world.

Oh well, back to my life...
things are getting better each day..
keep myself busy and i'll make sure that i have done something beneficial before i sleep.
no doubt, i am contented with my life.

My sister came to Aimst, not to study, but a visit instead..
returned back to PJ and start her new life in UCSI.
i am proud of you. you are taking my footstep and i really hope you are satisfied with it too.

B3C hostel is now left with Caryn and I. let's burn midnight oil together again..

Dear Penny, i know you won't see this blog but if u do come across to visit my blog,here is something for you : Do take care of yourself out there.i wanna Thank you for your accompany throughout this 3 years as i appreciate you as my roommate all these while. Giving me 100% of privacy and helped me whenever i needed you. Your efficiency will always impress me for who you are. i wish you will be Happier and don't get too emo with small reasons. sometimes as life is beautiful. i respect you for who you are and i respect your decision.

As for Cyean: You are always a great friend since April 2008. i am sorry if i have made you angry or sad throughout these years. The advice that you have given me (under the tree in 2009), always run through my mind. i know i am not prefect, but sometimes i am just a lil over confident... you made me grown up too... As i know it's hard for you to make this decision, if is for me, i will do the same too. it's time for a change, a better one. i will miss you.

And for me, i am currently having 'single' room for 2 months. i hope i will keep enjoying till year 2012. haha... Hsu Wern: rm500 for a bigger room..
with the new portable air-cond in my room, i feel so much cooler and comfort.
THANKS to my dearest dad, i know you always love me ... as i do.. :)

Friends are important. I neglected my housemates for a period of time. little did i know, they are still my closest ones. thanks for your sincerity..

time to study...... oh noooooooooooooo...

Took a chance to visit the temple in Alor Setar on May 17th (WESAK DAY). Thanks a lot Teoh Zhan Huai for making my wish come true.. :) come till the end, we are still friends. sometimes, we shall forget the unhappy things and keep moving on with life.

and for GYC : let's add oil together for the final. i know it's time to study. i'll be more serious.. hahahaha.. don't worry, we will make it through. :) I Heart You. and thanks for the change, we are getting better nowadays. don't you feel so? :)

well, let's imagine what we gonna do after final? hmmmmmm... Just Can't Wait :)

till then, bye bye to Huiping, Brenna, Jacinta, Sying. see you guys in august/ September 2011. Enjoy your holidays. :)

8th May 2011

i am who i am.
Back to a cheerful girl
and from today onwards, i wanna study hard for final!
wanna make my parents proud!
and i wanna be a stronger lady who knows how to love and protect myself!
yes! here i am to conquer any obstacles!

AND MORE UPDATES soon for my mum..

This is for you.. Hsu Wern :)

I honestly miss u... the room is too quiet without your voice. i miss u calling me HEHE, i miss u calling me MUMMY or HELLO KITTY.. i miss u sitting on my bed and chit chat with me.. and your massage! especially the time of exam... no one else remembering about my exam,and nobody staying up late with me anymore.. omg, i still haven't go over this.. when i turned to your place,it's so empty that i still imagine u sitting there with your laptop.

Things changed after your leaving. she is no longer friendly with me and till now still yet to find out the answer. living with a person that treats you as if you are invisible is hard. i finally understand your feeling.

I hope you are doing good at your new room, and i know you are. Probably my heart can't prepared for your sudden leaving. the night that we shared a chair to watch you-tube was so memorable, that's the last night before you leave to your new house.

i admit there are too much things happened in April and i am totally stressed out with all these.
PS: i am sorry to Pa and mummy, if i don't do well in ERS exam.i know i gotta be STRONG. To be a good doctor, i shall have very stable emotion. i blame myself as PIECES, as we tend to think 'out of the box' ...

Phin Phin and Bear Bear miss you too... and giraffe keep watching me when i studying.. haha.. and the 'crown' handphone chain, it's still hanging at the same place.. all these little stuffs that u gave to me remind me of you ..

sigh.. why am i so depressed recently... you are no more in the room to listen to me and share with me your thoughts...

but glad that both of us had great time in the rooms.there is where our friendship developed and maybe from here i can understand why HE is so unhappy when we suggested 2 houses instead of 1 house. Probably spitting with friends is a sad thing, and in order to avoid the sad things among the friends, they rather make the out=sider sad. as things will resolve.. just the matter of time..

i wonder how long shall i take to keep all these feeling and back to a happy me ..

i can't take these anymore.. i am kind of sad even when the beloved don't understand me at times. why is it so.. big sigh.

i pray for the BEST..

GREATEST thing i received after all the incidents is a great lesson. and i believe i am stronger since then..

i am looking forward for KHOO CHIA YEE to come over.. at least my closest ones is near with me again. i am happy with this, do hope you do well in your foundation.. *like your sister* haha.....


random pictures...


I am speechless over everything..
one thing to say is friendship is fake !!
i never trust them anymore!
well, yeah. FAMILY is still the BEST.
and i miss my FAMILY a lot especially in the middle of the night
harsh words, rude actions etc that i have seen through, a person that i am not close with but treat me like that.
please be more matured if you are a real guy k...